Tats and Stars


It fucking happened again. .

So I had this lovely 8 top come in last night to my restaurant, which hey no biggie, I like big tables. The mom and dad (who had never been in before) came in first and told me what was up (someones birthday, yada yada). They were an older couple, easily in their mid 50’s, even early 60s, well-mannered and obviously have money.

The wife looks at me as I’m recommending some pasta dish, cuts me off and asks, “So did it hurt getting those tattoos?” I’m used to this stupid question (I mean, it’s a fucking needle going in and out of my skin for 3-7 hours straight, yeah it starts to hurt) so I laughed and was like “well yeah, especially after 5 hours of it happening” hoping the conversation would take a turn for anything else.

After a few more dumb questions from them, like “do they mean anything special to you?” “What made you want to get tattoos in the first place?” “Are you going to do your other arm too?” they finally asked me the question of questions:

“What do your parents think of your decision to get so many tattoos?”

First of all, what my parents think of my decision to get inked up is NONE of your concern. Second of all, even though they aren’t keen of my choice to get inked, I’m not going to tell you judgmental  folks that they aren’t happy about it. So what did Kate decide to say?

“Well, my parents are the least judgmental people, so they don’t really care what I do with my body.”

I wish I had my camera rolling to capture their expression. I wish. They were taken aback and shut up real quickly. Finally, the conversation went another route as I’m a great waitress and talked more about the menu and whose birthday it was.


Look, I understand older generations not grasping the concept of tattoos, and that’s totally fine with me. I also understand that if you’re over a certain age, the only people you know who have tattoos got them in the service most likely after drinking heavily.  Don’t tell me that when you see an army tattoo that’s clearly not the best work, you berate them for their choices. Do you? Do you??

Didn’t think so.



The Stars have a game tonight and babe was all “I really want to go to the game, tickets are only $35, I really really wanna go.” SO YOU KNOW WHAT I DID?! I got on my StubHub app and bought two tickets so we are going to the game tonight! It’s probably my favorite date night that we do. It’ll set off a nice tone for the rest of the week and into the weekend. I find it important to not only treat myself, but to treat Justin from time to time with things like tickets for the game.

Now I can’t wait to go on my lunch break to swap out Stars shirts at Academy and pick up some leggings so I can look super cute for the game.

Hugs and Kisses my loves!!




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