It’s October!

Hey to myself, and the maybe four of you who read this,

It’s been six months and it’s finally October so you know what that means? ITS UPDATE TIME WOOHOO!!

Where to begin…where oh where?

I guess I’ll start with the fact that I am no longer in the service industry!! So, I left that horrible office job, sent out like 15 resumes to apartment companies, looking to be a leasing agent. Well, after I only got one call for an interview, I decided to get back in the service industry.

loved the brew house I was working at, including all the managers, my co-workers, kitchen staff as well as our regulars. After working there for almost 6 months tho, the whole attitude of the place changed..

While all this was happening at work, a very amazing friend of mine got an opportunity to be a leasing agent at a development company, and asked me to send my resume to her. Next thing I knew, I had an interview at one of the properties and got the call 3 hours later, offering me the position. I gave my restaurant a proper two weeks notice (something now I wish I would have finished that week and started that Monday).

On my first day, they literally handed me keys to 10 apartments, gave me the golf cart, and told me to explore the community. It’s beyond gorgeous, all brand new, and makes going home to our apartment so depressing hahahah. We renewed the lease in our place for another year, so we can save till 10/2017. We’re aiming to rent a house after the lease is up and I couldn’t be more excited for our future.


SO WITH MY NEW SCHEDULE, I have nights off. Granted, I now work 10-7 most days, and still hate the morning, but it’s getting easier for me to get up. Ya’ll know I LOVE my sleep. Today, we didn’t have to be at work until 1 but even then, my body woke me up at 9am (FML). The best part about this new schedule is nights off.

ANYWHO, I just found round trip flights to colorado for our february trip for $91/each. We close at 5 on Sundays, so it’s time to get ready to leave!

thanks for standing by loves!



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