big things coming

hi babes!

today is really exciting for me because i have taken the first literal steps in (re)launching my blog, instagram, and *let the fucking drums roll* my YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!

i’ve always had an interest in photography and film however i’ve made excuses as to why i didn’t pursue them. whether it be financial, no time, or no dedication, i was full of BS.

but it’s time i really stick to something i say i’m going to do.

when 2017 hit, i made a promise to myself to follow thru with things i say i’m going to do. if you know me, you know that if i say i’ll do something, the chance i will cancel is absurdly high. and after realizing that made me very isolated, i started saying yes to more things and actually fucking going! and you know what? i now have a fucking life. and living life has become so fun.

so where does this whole youtube thing come from? well, for years and years i have always wished that i could youtube and share my voice with the world. the only problem was, i didn’t know what it was exactly i was trying to get out there. it wasn’t until recently that it all clicked in my head and i realized i want to workout everyday for the rest of my life and would love to make a career out of it.

now i know, baby steps. that’s why i’m posting here. i am posting to tell you that things are about to change.
big time.

the official launch of my channel is 9/1

but best believe to check here for many updates (and please be patient while i change the look a million times before i’m happy) and more content!

xoxooxoxox, ekat



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