meal prep

hey babes!

bet you didn’t think i’d be back so soon. i told you i am bringing more content! 😉

so i’ve been meal prepping for four months now (slacking here and there occasionally) and while i started meal prepping to save money (losing weight wasn’t the initial plan) i started to see the many benefits of changing how i ate!

i have an incredibly bland taste pallet and truly hate most foods, so i’ve found the few things i can stomach and vary it a little bit each time. this gets me 4 meals per each prep. soon, i’ll start incorporating different lunches so i can mix things up. but for now, i’m still broke starting out in my career so this is what i eat!!



2lb boneless chicken breast
1 16 oz zesty lime vinaigrette dressing
3 lemons
1 bag of rice of your choosing
1.5 lb raw string beans
1 carton of grape tomatos
2 large cucumbers


1. set up corckpot with liner
2 slice chicken if needed to fit all on bottom of crockpot evenly
3. place chicken evenly into crockpot

4. pour entire bottle of dressing

5. check that its evenly distributed

6. set on high and cook for 4 hours


1- prepare rice separately
2- wash and cut cucumbers and string beans
3- wash grape tomatos
4-prepare 3/4 cup of cooked rice in container
5- evenly distribute veggies

once chicken is cooked, evenly distribute into meal prep containers with a half of a lemon (to squeeze on after reheating) and voila!

you have 4 meals for under $15 total.

i flex-diet so i will probably have canes for dinner tomorrow, or it could be eggs (i’ll get to that one at some later time).

but i know if at worst, i only eat this for lunch, i’m still getting a great, nutritious meal that takes no longer than 2 minutes to prep.

alright babes! i hope you all enjoyed that.
i’ll be bringing more content to here while i’m setting up the channel!

let me know if you’d like to see more things like this from me!

xoxoxoxox, ekat



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