no chicken meal prep

ayyyy babes.

ekat back here again, this time with another meal prep && todays prep is avoiding chicken! i’ve eaten basically only chicken for the past s i x months and can’t stand the taste anymore, so we are changing it upppp with lean ground turkey

[i get that direct deposit in 24 hours, so i will be buying my camera after work on thursday and will start to have better pictures and more fun stuff just for HERE!]

the meals & prep instructions

lunch this week is two turkey burger patties on a bead of fresh spinach, half an avocado (to top turkey burger) and baby carrots

FullSizeRender (1)

pretty self explanatory (but just in case!!!)….

1lb lean ground turkey
1 spinach head
2 avocados
1lb bag of baby carrots
seasoning of choice (my go to is Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb seasoning blend [salt free])

1.warm skillet to medium, add some olive oil to pan
2.mix selected choice of seasoning& 2 small avocados with ground turkey and mold into (8small) patties
3.cook however many patties your skillet can handle at once & repeat until all cooked
4.cook until white on both sides (approx. 5min each side) & flip as needed
5.cut, prepare spinach leaves and avocado
distribute evenly in meal containers and BOOOM

dinner this week is bowtie pasta with ground turkey topped with marinara sauce with a side of fresh string beans

FullSizeRender((mind you, the ground turkey is cold in image lol it’s not over/under cooked))

yall know i love my string beans, so if you aren’t a fan of them or want another vegetable, feel free to swap it out for whatever you like most! make it green tho.

super super simple, and easily my *new* favorite dish i’ve tried thus far. also, i haven’t eaten pasta in well over a year and holllllllly crap. let’s get to it

1lb lean ground turkey
1box of bowtie pasta (i was trying to get protein plus pasta but kroger was out)
1bottle of marinara (we aren’t using the whole thing, so if you already have one at home, use it!!)
1lb fresh raw string beans

1.warm skillet to medium, add some olive oil to pan & in separate pot, boil enough water for pasta (i never know how much water to use so guesstimate with me)
2.saute ground turkey, breaking it apart with a spatula like you would ground beef
3.cook until fully white (no pink)
4.set aside cooked ground turkey
5.measure out 1/2 cup of marinara sauce and mix with cooked pasta
6.cut ends of string beans
7.evenly distribute all food and BAM THANKS MAAM

 so, i’ve literally never loved a meal as much as i loved this one. i have yet to eat the turkey burger combo, but if tonight’s meal is any indication, it’ll be tasty as hell.

*mind you, depending on days where i know i’m not working out (thursday this week) i’ll opt out of the dinner and go with a lighter option like eggs (0.6 g total carbs per egg LOL yas). feel your week out, don’t strain your body, but fuel your body with proteins!*

that’s gonna be it from me today babes!
thanks so much for reading! please follow if you have a wordpress, or like on my facebook to promote the helllllll out of this fun page that’s only getting doper.
means the world to me & i can’t wait to start uploading HIGH QUALITY images!!

xoxoxoxo, ekat


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