i’ve got new muscles

hey babes!

i know i instagrammed this but i wanted to dive into a workout i’ve done to achieve these results


so, uh, hello to my back(&shoulders?)
i’ve actually never trained back before and have only been working on it for the past month and i’m very impressed with the results. lots and lots of youtube videos later, i had a routine i tried and i cannot stress how addicting it felt to feel muscles i’d never felt before. i’ve been strength training on a schedule, but i’ve been back/shoulder heavy the past two weeks.

have fun!

10 bicep curls
10 lat to front raise complex

supersets: (1 min rest between sets is ok)
12 reverse grip lat raises
12 lat raises

12 around the worlds
12 shoulder press

12 wide grip lat pull downs
12 close grip lat pull downs

12 straight arm rear delt cable raise
12 straight arm cable lat raise

12 cable rear delt fly
12 alternating cable press

aaaaand you’re done!
i’ve done this workout about 5 times and am addddicteddddddd

hope you enjoyed this workout!
let your girl know if you want to see more content like this!

xoxoxoxo, ekat


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