50pounds ago, i wish

hey babes!

i think, 50pounds ago, i would have liked to have inspiration from someone who didn’t show up at first upload with abs n sht?
i feel like a lot of who’s out there on youtube, insta, s o c i a l  m e d i a  are already at such a high level of athleticism and have yeaaaaaars of lifting that it can be so daunting to begin

i am that girl who has been 112pounds, scary skinny, all the way to (oh dear Lord this is the moment i’ve been dreading) 185pounds in the span of 3 years, back down to 130ish and in the best health/shape/strength than ever before

i wish that 50pounds ago, there was someone out there who said it really real.
which is what i’m going to do.
stop sitting around, bitching, moaning, complaining about your weight and how unhappy you are with your life…
get up
put down the sodas and sht food
get on a treadmill
learn how to cook one meal each week
try and care
and over time, you will see the results.

i’m not *whitneyysimmons* *nikkiblackketter*
or anybody for that matter
but i’m going to show the actual effort, work, dedication it takes to not only obtain, but maintain your goals.
so that’s in a nutshell, why i’m starting my youtube in September
and what it’s all about
and what i’m all about

*spoiler, i never gave up drinking beer (errrr night), eating Canes about 3 times a week, and generally enjoying life. so, like, it can be done!*

if you’ve made it this far (bless you, thank you, all the kuddos to you)
i hope you enjoyed this side of me and my blogs.
i try to keep it real so pls don’t mind the cursing.
all the best, i love you for reading all this,

xoxoxoxox, ekat


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