over 400 views on two videos?!

my second video is up on youtube and head to my IG to vote on what video i next post!!

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its. finally. here.

i physically can’t contain my excitement so, it’s been months and months since i first said i was going to create a youtube channel and after forever, it’s finally here! while we’re here tho, WHAT DO YALL THINK ABOUT THE NEW BLOG?! i hope you babes enjoy! i cannnnnot contain my excitement!!! for now, that’s […]

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so uh, where’s that youtube?

hey babes. two months. again. okay, so, i totally have failed this blog. it just hasn’t been my priority. basically, the past three months of my work has been the busy season and damn, it’s been crazy busy. don’t get me wrong, i adore my job, but with all the added stress of becoming the […]

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50pounds ago, i wish

hey babes! i think, 50pounds ago, i would have liked to have inspiration from someone who didn’t show up at first upload with abs n sht? i feel like a lot of who’s out there on youtube, insta, s o c i a l  m e d i a  are already at such a high […]

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i’ve got new muscles

hey babes! i know i instagrammed this but i wanted to dive into a workout i’ve done to achieve these results so, uh, hello to my back(&shoulders?) i’ve actually never trained back before and have only been working on it for the past month and i’m very impressed with the results. lots and lots of youtube videos […]

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no chicken meal prep

ayyyy babes. ekat back here again, this time with another meal prep && todays prep is avoiding chicken! i’ve eaten basically only chicken for the past s i x months and can’t stand the taste anymore, so we are changing it upppp with lean ground turkey [i get that direct deposit in 24 hours, so i […]

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everyone’s support has been so incredible in the past 24 hours! i am sooooo excited to get this dream off its feet, but for now, we wait, i plan, i schedule and i make happen!! please stayed tuned for more content! PLEASE let me know if you’d like to see something specific! (fb me, insta […]


meal prep

hey babes! bet you didn’t think i’d be back so soon. i told you i am bringing more content! 😉 so i’ve been meal prepping for four months now (slacking here and there occasionally) and while i started meal prepping to save money (losing weight wasn’t the initial plan) i started to see the many […]

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Before 2016 Comes to an End

Hey babes! It’s been two months, so it’s time to update! My new job has been so much fun, I don’t even feel like I’m going to work when I do. I’ve loved getting to know my new coworkers and feel like a couple of them are gonna be really great friends! I’m loving learning […]

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Hey babes! SO, hi, I’m always absent from updating my blog consistently, but thank you for coming back. I’ve really been working on myself in a more self-worth, inner soul type of way and I feel like I’ve really hit a good point and my eyes are open. I have been such a negative nancy […]

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