so uh, where’s that youtube?

hey babes.

two months.

okay, so, i totally have failed this blog. it just hasn’t been my priority.

basically, the past three months of my work has been the busy season and damn, it’s been crazy busy. don’t get me wrong, i adore my job, but with all the added stress of becoming the only leasing professional at my property, this blog came in last place.

besides work, i actually have filmed about 15 workouts, a few shots of an intro/outro (those are tricky wow) and even a day in the life vlog.
i had been using a super old laptop to edit, but it took literally 5 minutes to do one task so that was not going to work.
i currently use a chromebook and there’s just no editing videos on this so i was getting worried.
long story short, my dad gifted me a badass top of the line pc and BOY was i excited.

to make an even longer story short, i ended up taking the brand new laptop to best buy today and of course, having my luck, it has a corrupt hard drive.
i won’t be getting it back for at least 2-3 weeks.
two to three w e e k s.

while this is my worst nightmare, i’m very fortunate that the pc is still under warranty, so the repair is free (woohoo).

now, while that should address why i haven’t posted my first video yet


i’m also okay with not having posted yet.
the other side of the camera, the real life, hasn’t been bad, just hasn’t been ….great?
i haven’t been having tech luck, i haven’t had motivation to work out, both J and i have kind of checked out..

we are set to get keys to our brand new apartment on 10/15 and since getting the place late september, we have succumbed to our hatred for the current place. we’ve hated living here for the last almost 3 years, and are literally counting down the minutes until we are packed and moved.

we both truly feel that with this move, and the four new gyms we get access to, we are about to wake up and get back at it, even harder than before.
so, life is about to get a little stressful with packing up three years worth of stuff, moving 10/15, my 25th birthday is 10/20, J’s birthday is 10/24
but it’s all going to be so worth it

bear with me. i don’t have a laptop to edit any footage on
we are about to pack our lives and move (lol down the road but still moving is moving)
celebrate birthdays & milestones all in one week

ekat fitt (youtube) is coming in october.
am i crazy to start a youtube the same month i’m moving and having a milestone birthday?
but the best ideas are always a little crazy



50pounds ago, i wish

hey babes!

i think, 50pounds ago, i would have liked to have inspiration from someone who didn’t show up at first upload with abs n sht?
i feel like a lot of who’s out there on youtube, insta, s o c i a l  m e d i a  are already at such a high level of athleticism and have yeaaaaaars of lifting that it can be so daunting to begin

i am that girl who has been 112pounds, scary skinny, all the way to (oh dear Lord this is the moment i’ve been dreading) 185pounds in the span of 3 years, back down to 130ish and in the best health/shape/strength than ever before

i wish that 50pounds ago, there was someone out there who said it really real.
which is what i’m going to do.
stop sitting around, bitching, moaning, complaining about your weight and how unhappy you are with your life…
get up
put down the sodas and sht food
get on a treadmill
learn how to cook one meal each week
try and care
and over time, you will see the results.

i’m not *whitneyysimmons* *nikkiblackketter*
or anybody for that matter
but i’m going to show the actual effort, work, dedication it takes to not only obtain, but maintain your goals.
so that’s in a nutshell, why i’m starting my youtube in September
and what it’s all about
and what i’m all about

*spoiler, i never gave up drinking beer (errrr night), eating Canes about 3 times a week, and generally enjoying life. so, like, it can be done!*

if you’ve made it this far (bless you, thank you, all the kuddos to you)
i hope you enjoyed this side of me and my blogs.
i try to keep it real so pls don’t mind the cursing.
all the best, i love you for reading all this,

xoxoxoxox, ekat

i’ve got new muscles

hey babes!

i know i instagrammed this but i wanted to dive into a workout i’ve done to achieve these results


so, uh, hello to my back(&shoulders?)
i’ve actually never trained back before and have only been working on it for the past month and i’m very impressed with the results. lots and lots of youtube videos later, i had a routine i tried and i cannot stress how addicting it felt to feel muscles i’d never felt before. i’ve been strength training on a schedule, but i’ve been back/shoulder heavy the past two weeks.

have fun!

10 bicep curls
10 lat to front raise complex

supersets: (1 min rest between sets is ok)
12 reverse grip lat raises
12 lat raises

12 around the worlds
12 shoulder press

12 wide grip lat pull downs
12 close grip lat pull downs

12 straight arm rear delt cable raise
12 straight arm cable lat raise

12 cable rear delt fly
12 alternating cable press

aaaaand you’re done!
i’ve done this workout about 5 times and am addddicteddddddd

hope you enjoyed this workout!
let your girl know if you want to see more content like this!

xoxoxoxo, ekat

no chicken meal prep

ayyyy babes.

ekat back here again, this time with another meal prep && todays prep is avoiding chicken! i’ve eaten basically only chicken for the past s i x months and can’t stand the taste anymore, so we are changing it upppp with lean ground turkey

[i get that direct deposit in 24 hours, so i will be buying my camera after work on thursday and will start to have better pictures and more fun stuff just for HERE!]

the meals & prep instructions

lunch this week is two turkey burger patties on a bead of fresh spinach, half an avocado (to top turkey burger) and baby carrots

FullSizeRender (1)

pretty self explanatory (but just in case!!!)….

1lb lean ground turkey
1 spinach head
2 avocados
1lb bag of baby carrots
seasoning of choice (my go to is Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb seasoning blend [salt free])

1.warm skillet to medium, add some olive oil to pan
2.mix selected choice of seasoning& 2 small avocados with ground turkey and mold into (8small) patties
3.cook however many patties your skillet can handle at once & repeat until all cooked
4.cook until white on both sides (approx. 5min each side) & flip as needed
5.cut, prepare spinach leaves and avocado
distribute evenly in meal containers and BOOOM

dinner this week is bowtie pasta with ground turkey topped with marinara sauce with a side of fresh string beans

FullSizeRender((mind you, the ground turkey is cold in image lol it’s not over/under cooked))

yall know i love my string beans, so if you aren’t a fan of them or want another vegetable, feel free to swap it out for whatever you like most! make it green tho.

super super simple, and easily my *new* favorite dish i’ve tried thus far. also, i haven’t eaten pasta in well over a year and holllllllly crap. let’s get to it

1lb lean ground turkey
1box of bowtie pasta (i was trying to get protein plus pasta but kroger was out)
1bottle of marinara (we aren’t using the whole thing, so if you already have one at home, use it!!)
1lb fresh raw string beans

1.warm skillet to medium, add some olive oil to pan & in separate pot, boil enough water for pasta (i never know how much water to use so guesstimate with me)
2.saute ground turkey, breaking it apart with a spatula like you would ground beef
3.cook until fully white (no pink)
4.set aside cooked ground turkey
5.measure out 1/2 cup of marinara sauce and mix with cooked pasta
6.cut ends of string beans
7.evenly distribute all food and BAM THANKS MAAM

 so, i’ve literally never loved a meal as much as i loved this one. i have yet to eat the turkey burger combo, but if tonight’s meal is any indication, it’ll be tasty as hell.

*mind you, depending on days where i know i’m not working out (thursday this week) i’ll opt out of the dinner and go with a lighter option like eggs (0.6 g total carbs per egg LOL yas). feel your week out, don’t strain your body, but fuel your body with proteins!*

that’s gonna be it from me today babes!
thanks so much for reading! please follow if you have a wordpress, or like on my facebook to promote the helllllll out of this fun page that’s only getting doper.
means the world to me & i can’t wait to start uploading HIGH QUALITY images!!

xoxoxoxo, ekat


everyone’s support has been so incredible in the past 24 hours!

i am sooooo excited to get this dream off its feet, but for now, we wait, i plan, i schedule and i make happen!!


please stayed tuned for more content!

PLEASE let me know if you’d like to see something specific!
(fb me, insta me, snapchat me, email me, snail mail me, idc how just do!!!)

all the best and most ultimate gratitude ❤

xoxoxoxoxoxo, ekat

meal prep

hey babes!

bet you didn’t think i’d be back so soon. i told you i am bringing more content! 😉

so i’ve been meal prepping for four months now (slacking here and there occasionally) and while i started meal prepping to save money (losing weight wasn’t the initial plan) i started to see the many benefits of changing how i ate!

i have an incredibly bland taste pallet and truly hate most foods, so i’ve found the few things i can stomach and vary it a little bit each time. this gets me 4 meals per each prep. soon, i’ll start incorporating different lunches so i can mix things up. but for now, i’m still broke starting out in my career so this is what i eat!!



2lb boneless chicken breast
1 16 oz zesty lime vinaigrette dressing
3 lemons
1 bag of rice of your choosing
1.5 lb raw string beans
1 carton of grape tomatos
2 large cucumbers


1. set up corckpot with liner
2 slice chicken if needed to fit all on bottom of crockpot evenly
3. place chicken evenly into crockpot

4. pour entire bottle of dressing

5. check that its evenly distributed

6. set on high and cook for 4 hours


1- prepare rice separately
2- wash and cut cucumbers and string beans
3- wash grape tomatos
4-prepare 3/4 cup of cooked rice in container
5- evenly distribute veggies

once chicken is cooked, evenly distribute into meal prep containers with a half of a lemon (to squeeze on after reheating) and voila!

you have 4 meals for under $15 total.

i flex-diet so i will probably have canes for dinner tomorrow, or it could be eggs (i’ll get to that one at some later time).

but i know if at worst, i only eat this for lunch, i’m still getting a great, nutritious meal that takes no longer than 2 minutes to prep.

alright babes! i hope you all enjoyed that.
i’ll be bringing more content to here while i’m setting up the channel!

let me know if you’d like to see more things like this from me!

xoxoxoxox, ekat


Before 2016 Comes to an End

Hey babes!

It’s been two months, so it’s time to update!

My new job has been so much fun, I don’t even feel like I’m going to work when I do. I’ve loved getting to know my new coworkers and feel like a couple of them are gonna be really great friends! I’m loving learning more about the leasing side of apartments and absolutely love working in this industry!

So, I can’t believe 2016 is coming to an end.
I can’t believe Justin and I are approaching our THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY (HOLY SHIT Y’ALL).

I’ve begun weight lifting more regularly and it’s become a healthy obsession again. Not only have I increased my weights, I’ve gone out of my comfort zone and done some moves that I wouldn’t have thought I could do in the past. I’m taking it seriously and am enjoying seeing the changes in my body. Officially 45 pounds down! No longer going off a scale, it’s all mirrors and how I FEEL that is the new “scale”. I’ve been sick/getting over being sick for a week and still don’t feel 100% to train my body. A couple more days off and I should be back in the gym by Tuesday.

IMG_2127 (1)

I’ve been going back and forth for a new handle. I eat fried chicken for dinner around 5 times a week, and drink beer every single night, yet I’ve still lost a substantial amount of fat. While I am in the building muscle/toning phase, I’m not stopping my “diet” because frankly, I just don’t want to. I workout hard and I reward my body daily. I will never be one of those girls who counts macros, I just make healthy decisions when it comes to lunch. Grilled chicken and avocado is my go to. I don’t snack, I don’t drink soda, I’m always a little hungry, but  there’s no cute way to combine “Beer, Fried Chicken and Weight Loss”. I’m working on it..

Hoping for a Stars win, a Cowboys win and that Neegan doesn’t kill anyone else…