Part 1-4

Hey babes,

Not even going to pretend like it’s been forever since I’ve posted. It has been. Whatever.

They say time passes when you’re having fun and by goly, they’re right. This past couples of months has flown by and I haven’t had a moment to take it all in. It has seriously not only been the best couple of months, but the most amazing and life changing year I’ve ever experienced.

One- My relationship with Justin has not only evolved, but it’s blossomed. I have found the one person in life I can share any intimate or gross moment with. The first person I have ever seen myself getting old and having saggy tattoo arms with. The one man that I have ever been able to trust with all my heart and believe anything he says. He is the purest of pure, and I could not imagine spending every day, in and out, beginning to end with anyone else. If you haven’t realized it, I’ve met the man of my dreams. Since we’ve moved into our own apartment, literally the only thing we’ve fought about is scrambled eggs (literally, it’s no joke, it’s WWIII).

Two- I’ve been working my ass off at a retail job just to make sure I can bring forth something to this relationship (okay and bills) and it’s been kicking my ass! I’ve had hardly any time to focus on real estate but with my Broker/manager being completely understating of my spot in life right now, has guided me to the right direction. My other manager is totally on board with my new schedule change, letting me have weekends off to be able to host open houses and really start helping clients find the right home for them. I literally sat there and told my Broker that I haven’t been taking this sht seriously, but having this incredibly low paying job has lit a fire under me I can’t put out. UGH the struggle is real! But the work is definitely in play and I know I will form an empire under me.

Three- God, another thing about not taking something seriously… working out.  Like, “Google: how do I workout?”. I just can’t. This new apartment gym is so sad and when I mean sad, like my parents have a way better at home gym and theirs is so low key. Like I can’t. I mean, how do I find the motivation to go kill my ass for an hour when the machines are meant for someone who’s never worked out? I guess it’s time to join a gym with a lot of machines to really get that blood pumping. Hopefully, I can update you all beauties on my new gym routines.

Four- I now watch Gold Rush, Swamp People, Moonshiners and know exactly what drug is hidden where and what stop runs thanks to so much Cops.

Life is perfect and only getting better from here!

Hope everyone is having an amazing Holiday Season, and I’ll update soon  : )


house bitch

Hey babes!

Let me just tell you that you learn so much about your significant other when you finally move in together. I’ve recently found out that Justin likes maple syrup in his scrambled eggs, he’s incredibly tidy, and has a completely different sense of style about the apartment décor than myself. I like ranch on everything, am incredibly lazy, and I like random tables with random objects on them that serve no purpose but really they do.

I geeked out this afternoon on my favorite blogger (@Stonecoldbetch) and am obsessed with her house. Her style is chic, eclectic and functional. With some manly feels to it, I could combine both my style (which thank you Nicole for showing me in pictures what my style is) and Justin’s style.

So I’ve been white girling all afternoon, searching through pinterest, amazon, pier 1 and etsy and holy moly I have no idea how I would ever decorate this space because I’m pretty sure Justin would get confused and not feel at home, while being home. I’m so considerate. For now, we’re making wishlists on all the different pages and compromising. I think this is key.

My love caught a really intense head cold and has been zonked out for over 3 hours now, so I’ve been cooped up in the living room (which I love because our wood floors are amazing) cleaning and working. My inner house wife voice is making a mental list of things to pick up from the grocery store and what to cook for dinner tonight.

(ps- it’s sick how much I love cleaning, doing laundry, and tidying up. I’m a house wife bitch)



Interview Chic

Hey babes!

So as I mentioned a couple days ago, I have a big interview tomorrow for my dream brokerage firm, which has got me stressin hard. I’m still sniffling and achey but that hasn’t stopped my fingers and eyes from gorging every pin by pin on Pintrest. Of course when it comes to interviews, first impressions are MAJOR. I haven’t managed to quite figure out my exact sense of style. Ugh, my problems are so challenging.

While prowling through all the pins and keeping in mind how small of a budget I have and what’s currently in my closet, I narrowed down my top pics for the best looks for my big interview(s).  While my job doesn’t consist of a ‘dress code’ per say, professional chic is definitely what this girl is going for. The best part for me, I don’t have to hide my tattoos (yay, Texas is hot).

Dress for the job you want!


First of all, I obsess over pencil skirts in general, although I’ve never admitted that.  The pop of neon with the black and white top gives it a really summery feel that still screams “hire me I’m totally professional”.


I die for long shirt dresses, just die. I love that it’s casual enough to be comfortable and stay cool in the heat, matched perfectly with a cool bag and simple accessories. It’s a well pieced look that also says “I’m pretty laid back but like to focus on details”.


Since I am relatively young and have a lot of people’s respect to gain, it’s always a good idea to have a solid blazer (or ten) to throw on over a freshly ironed white t and a great pair of skinny slacks with some respectable height heels. There’s nothing sexier to me than pale pink and dark colors, this screams “I work really hard to look this good and be the best”


Again, the ever so chic pencil skirt has stolen my heart. This look is flirty and fun, polished but not over the top. The attention to detail is so important, especially with the colors matching perfectly, that my future boss will take one look and think “this girl can match her pinks, she can probably write really great contracts” (okay that last one is a little far-fetched but I adore this look).

Dress your part, be the head bitch you know you are, show them your skills and personality but don’t get lost in that big corporate world!

Cheers to the future checks!