10 month update!

Hey babes!

How cliche of me to start off by saying “It’s been a while since I’ve updated” BUT let’s get real, it’s been AGES since I’ve last posted. I’ve been living life and getting my shit in order, so I don’t feel too badly about not writing recently.

So, let’s update!

I am happy!

I had been down in the dumps about my body and how much weight I’ve gained, as well as how little I had been working and the lack of money I was bringing in. I woke up daily and just didn’t want to deal with the world, would rather be in bed until 3 pm than facing life head on.  I was hiding from the world but knew that I needed to change my attitude before my relationship was sabotaged by my own doing.


So I decided to give it a shot, to try to be happy. And holy fck, it actually helped in so many ways! I decided to let go of the negativity in my head, how I perceived the world around me and just like a little spell, I became happy. It doesn’t mean that I’m suddenly happy 24/7, I still have my moments and off days, but I’ve been focused more on the good around me, and I’ve been in an overall better mood!

I’m 23 now (woohoo) and babe is the big 3-0! We had such a fun night celebrating his birthday and the end of my birthday week by going to downtown Dallas to watch the Stars kick some ass (errs, get their ass kicked). So maybe they lost, but we had epic seats and the people watching was hilarious.

FullSizeRender (1)

We met up with some of his co-workers and friends and had drinks afterwards at the Jack Daniels club, followed by a confusing drive to our hotel and finding a 7/11 to get some Budice for the hotel room. We hopped a block over to my favorite bar OEP, but once realizing how shitty the clientele was, we high tailed it out of there and went to some hole in the wall bar and ended up running into my old neighbor from my old apartment before I moved in with Justin. Most random bar, most random person to run into AND THEN I mentioned how shitty OEP was to the bartender, mentioned a friend of mine and got a sweet hook up on the drinks. Oh, and the two wedding parties that were at the bar made for a fun night. Groomsmen get really drunk at their friends weddings and that’s the only conclusion I’ve come to.
We ended up leaving the hotel at like 2:30am, mainly because the hotel was creepy as fuck, but also we wanted to be home with our pups and wake up whenever we wanted, not having to stick to a certain clock out time. It was a good call considering we stayed up until almost 5 am having a blast together, and ended up sleeping well past 3 pm the next day.



Guys & the bars

“Hey baby, you look just like Miley Cyrus, but like way fucking hotter. Want a drink?”

Welcome to my Saturday night at a local bar.

A bar that is occupied with probably 78% Fratty-McDouchervillles, 15% Sorostitutes, and a measly 7% locals. It’s really confusing when you walk in because you’re kindof turned on by that guy with the leather jacket and long hair but then you see a girl wearing some form of Vera Bradley, dangling her French manicure over his incredible biceps, and you cringe a little inside. Then you look at the other side of the bar, and it’s crammed with about eighty dudes all awkwardly standing around pretending to watch Sportscenter while gawking at every female painfully spaced away from another at the bar.

It’s a TON of fucking fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting hit on as much as any other human does, but I’m going to say this just one time so nobody gets too confused:
I am incredibly disappointed with the guys out there.

Somewhere, between the time you first used a sock while learning about boobs and your body to today, you missed a really big lesson in life. Somehow, someone lead you to believe that being a complete asshole to females would get you a fantastic and doting wife that would cook you a delicious dinner each night and clean all day, but in reality you get a wife that nags at you when you gain twenty pounds, who eventually divorces you and forces you to reevaluate the last thirty years of your life. I digress.

What I’m saying is this:

You guys need to clean up your act and learn a few manners. You do not get a lady by hollering at her (Did you know that guys are really still doing that? They actually will sometimes yell behind you ‘ay! Ay Shawty! Ay!’ and really expect us to turn around?! It’s hilarious).
You actually have to take us out on proper dates. Not to Starbucks and not to 3 Forks. Take us somewhere original. Treat us like you care. Go out of your way just a tiny bit and the rewards are beyond what I can truly explain.
When a woman gets treated like a Lady, like a fucking Queen just once in a while, it ignites a flame that’s hard to put out.
All the other shit about you that she may have initially thought are washed away and forgotten. Your flaws become her favorite things about you and hers to you.
Be a good, stand up dude.