It’s October!

Hey to myself, and the maybe four of you who read this, It’s been six months and it’s finally October so you know what that means? ITS UPDATE TIME WOOHOO!! Where to begin…where oh where? I guess I’ll start with the fact that I am no longer in the service industry!! So, I left that horrible […]

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Hey babes! SO, hi, I’m always absent from updating my blog consistently, but thank you for coming back. I’ve really been working on myself in a more self-worth, inner soul type of way and I feel like I’ve really hit a good point and my eyes are open. I have been such a negative nancy […]

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Hey hey babes! Where to begin…where oh where? I’ve been so incredibly busy lately between my two jobs, I’ve hardly had time to work out let alone blog BUT I’m here now! I’m not very good at seeing things thru but I’m going to try to update my blog at least once a month. I […]

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Coyotes and Income

Hey babes! I tried to save a coyote today…thinking it was a stray, injured pup. I. Tried. To. Save. A. Coyote. Today. So this may sound fucking crazy… but we have coyotes all around town. I live near a big nature preserve as well as a greenway belt that animals travel thru to get around […]

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10 month update!

Hey babes! How cliche of me to start off by saying “It’s been a while since I’ve updated” BUT let’s get real, it’s been AGES since I’ve last posted. I’ve been living life and getting my shit in order, so I don’t feel too badly about not writing recently. So, let’s update! I am happy! […]

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house bitch

Hey babes! Let me just tell you that you learn so much about your significant other when you finally move in together. I’ve recently found out that J likes maple syrup in his scrambled eggs, he’s incredibly tidy, and has a completely different sense of style about the apartment décor than myself. I like ranch […]

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Inked & Proud

Hey dolls! I think I’ve ranted about this topic before, and I’m about to do it again, so sit with me. I have tattoos, 18 sessions worth of work done reaching over 45 hours of getting inked. I am incredibly proud of my artwork and love when people stop me just to tell me how beautiful my […]

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Blogsy Night Update

Hey babes. It’s been a while, yet it hasn’t seemed that long. This whole past week I’ve been calling brokers and setting up meetings/interviews to get into a new firm. It’s also been the hottest last week of summer heat here, so I kept showing up to my interviews all sweaty (ew). Mother told me […]

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Hey babes. It’s been a while again, shocking i know.  This morning, I went to the lake and hiked/jogged about 6 miles. I’ve had a lot on my mind for the last 22 hours. I received an email letting me know that my sponsorship at my firm had been terminated. Holy what the crap what?! […]

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& the verdict is

Hi babes! So, today was pretty much one of the best days of 2014…okay, my life. I GOT THE JOB!! I am so over the moon that I’m going to be joining one of the best Realty groups in Dallas. The best part is, I can practically walk to the office if I need to […]

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